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A quick, unrepresentative survey amongst German teenagers revealed that many could hardly relate to the term “Medina” or did not know it at all. Only few trendsetters were aware of the fact that Medina is a huge star in Denmark, now coming to Germany as well.

Medina is the first name of a 27-year-old beauty from Aarhus. Her Welcome to Medina debut is meant to state only one thing: music must be great to dance to and it must be fun!

The singer’s career started in a restaurant in Copenhagen, where she warbled away her own compositions from time to time, whenever she felt certain she was on her own. One day Rasmus Stabell and Jeppe Federspiel, who form the infamous successful producer duo “Providers“, noticed her. When they heard Medina singing her self-composed songs they instantly asked her to work with them in their studio. A year later Medina ventured into the music biz and produced her debut album in Danish Tæt på (Close) with the help of the Providers, which was released in 2007.

Her single Kun for mig (You and I) become a club, chart and No. 1 hit at the end of 2008 and it turned out to be the corner stone of lasting success for the daughter of a Danish mother and a Chilean father: Kun for mig (You and I) stayed in the top ten of Danish single chart over six months, it was in the charts for one year and reached double platinum status.

Kun for dig (You and I), a new version of her first hit, which she subsequently released together with her label colleague L.O.C., rocketed from zero to Number 1, going straight to the top of the charts;

Velkommen til Medina (Welcome to Medina) followed in July 2009, a pre-released single taken from the same-titled second album that also reached No. 1 of our northern neighbors’ single bestseller list. For the third time in a row! Thereon, she won the prestigious award “Best Danish Act” at the 2009 MTV Europe Music Awards.

Now, other European countries are discovering Medina too. The English version of her first hit (“You and I”) has already reached No. 1 in the UK dance charts.

Having acquired a taste for English-speaking music Medina releases her first international album Welcome to Medina.

Don’t expect a simple and poor copy of her second Danish hit album as you will be disappointed! In addition to English versions of her previous hits, her fans   can also look forward to new tracks. What they all have in common is the fact that all tracks are relatively sparingly orchestrated, straight and catchy dance floor smash hits that stimulate the body’s own groove center vaulting your body straight to the dance floor.

Medina’s lyrics are mostly based on personal experiences; in Selfish, for instance, she announces that she intends to be more selfish in her next relationship.

Heartache can be melancholic and sad, but it can also let you have a good time on the dance floor – the most googled Danish person in 2009 proves this statement true with her track Execute me, which might be the first dance ballade ever.

In 6 am she is having such a great time on the dance floor that she does not even want to think about going home although it’s already 6 o’clock in the morning. Her trance pop track Gutter manifests that Medina has found her calling in the field of song writing.

Lately she has also been writing songs for other artists all over the world.

Where does the brunette music-a-holic with the love tattoo on her hand see her future? On the stages of the world. To see that her music expresses exactly what people feel deeply touches the sensitive artist.

There is no doubt that this will soon also be the case in Germany, since Welcome to Medina is the hottest release coming from Denmark right to our dance floors this summer. So it won’t be long until “Medina” will ring a bell with teenagers everywhere in the world. Promise!

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