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Ida Corr

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Let me think about it (feat. Fedde le Grand) (video)


In the summer of 2004 Danish singer Ida Corr hit the National Danish Radio with her stunning debutsingle “U Make Me Wanna” – a single that became an instant radiohit, without anybody knowing anything about the artist, apart from the fact that this was a great track. However, this changed significantly 9 months later, when Ida Corr released her debut album. In the spring of 2005 hell broke loose and all of a sudden Miss Ida Corr was the talk of the town.

But it all started many years earlier when Ida Corr – the child of a Danish mother and a father from Ghana – was raised in a home filled with music. At the age of 6 she started playing the drums, and at the age of 9 she formed her first band, performing soulclassics by James Brown and Aretha Franklin – and at age 11, Ida and her band won the very first National Danish Songcontest for kids, hosted by the National Danish Radio.

From then on there was no other path for Ida Corr than the path of music. And over the next decade she developed her singing talent and built up her career as a performer, by becoming one of the most popular backingvocals in Danish music.

On several occasions during that time Ida Corr was offered recorddeals from various A&R people, that thought her powerful voice and good looks would go well with a handful of coversongs – but they thought wrong. Because Ida Corr didn’t want to be just another short-term product… she wanted to be herself.

So she started to write songs of her own and joined up with the young talented producer MoTrack. The first thing they finished together was “U Make Me Wanna” and as it instantly became a hit, more offers came in. Ida finally decided to sign with Kick Music – and in April 2005 the debutalbum “StreetDiva” hit the streets of Denmark.

“StreetDiva” showed what kind of artist Ida Corr was – a real Soul-woman, daring to experiment with music and genres. The foundation was soul, but mixed with elements from all kinds of music: R&B, Jazz, Hip Hop and even Rockmusic.

Following the release of “StreetDiva” there was more radio-hitsingles released, and Ida became one of the most-covered female artists in the printed press over the next year – with plenty of comprehensive interviews and several frontcovers showing the beautiful Miss Ida Corr. And very unexpectedly, fans started pulling posters with Ida down in order to take them home. Kick Music went to the press and urged people to stop doing that and instead offered to mail a brand new poster to everybody interested – more than 800 people responded to this offer and thus received a poster of Ida Corr… a number 10 times higher than expected by Kick Music (Denmark is only 5 million people).

Massive touring followed “StreetDiva” including festivals such as Roskilde- and Skanderborg Festival – performing with a 10 piece act, including hornsection, percussion and rappers… a real soulband.

Only a year after the release of the debut album, Ida Corr and MoTrack went back to the studio to start working on her second album. Different to the production of the first album, this production was much more intense and concentrated on Ida and MoTrack, only calling in help from fellowmusicians when absolutely needed - among those Al Agami and Burhan G, both famous in their own fields.

It was decided from the beginning to try and create music that found its place in between the warm Soul-music and the colder electro-sounds – RoboSoul.

Over the next couple of months in the studio, Ida Corr came up with 12 new songs – creative works, with a strong sense of detail and different from anything ever heard in Danish music before. Ida & MoTrack were still “playing with the music” but with the original idea of the outcome in the back of their heads, they still managed to keep the production strict and pure.

In August the result was finally ready. First single was decided to be “Lonely Girl” and was released in the beginning of September 2006, reaching a high rotation on National Radio.

On October 11th the new album “RoboSoul” was released, and even though the press and TV never stopped following Ida after the release of her first album 18 months earlier, the media awaited the new album with great anticipation. Ida had become “a household name” in Denmark since the debut, and everybody wanted to know what she was doing.

Ida Corr’s very first musicvideo was released in Denmark on the same day as the release of “RoboSoul”. Previously there hadn’t been enough time to produce a musicvideo from the first album, but this time around it was a part of the major releaseplan.

The song was of course “lonely Girl”. It was shot on a sunny but cold day in September at the beach in Copenhagen, and the video includes several shots of Ida “standing” on the surface of the water as well as lying in it, while telling the sad story of the song.

While all of this has been going on in Ida’s homecountry she has also been noticed by foreign companies/artists. In 2005 she got her first single “U Make Me Wanna” signed to the legendary Tommy Boy label in New York. Rosie Lopez (the A&R of Tommy Boy) played the track to Mr. DJ (the producer of Outkast) who wanted to re-record the song with her and keeping an option for Big Boi to rap on it. Unfortunately they boys of Outkast ran in to time problems as the member were producing a new album and a movie at the same time, not leaving a spare moment to pursue the Ida Corr re-recording. Lucky for Ida another company had their eyes on her and asked her to join the band SugaRush Beat Company (SRBC). The band consists of Jarrad (Australia), Rahsaan Patterson (USA) and Ida Corr (Denmark). Jarrad is the producer in the band and has, besides SRBC, produced for Lauryn Hill and is currently in the studio recording the new Britney Spears album. Rahsaan made a pretty big impact on the urban scene when he debuted in 1997 MCA Records in USA. The single “Where You Are” became an instant hit in both UK and USA and let to 2 million sold records. Rahsaan is now 100% dedicated to SRBC. Ida Corr’s new album RoboSoul is a perfect blend of electronica and soul and this has not been unnoticed. The rather young label in Holland, Flamingo Records, has signed her and is currently remixing their first single “Let Me Think About It”. The remixer is no other than UK no. 1 Fedde Le Grande. Expectations are high to the FLG remix and surely will be opening the doors to the European market for Ida Corr.

Upcoming Releases:
Suga Rush Beat Company – ”Soulfistication”
Ida Corr – “Let Me Think About It”
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