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Sak Noel

Booking Agentur Sak Noel

Loca People (video)


Sak Noel did his first steps in the musical world when he was a teenager, influenced by  electronic sounds of the 21st century. After he had played in many clubs he decided to start hes own company together with a good friend, call “Moguda”. During last years he produced many tracks for different artists and did many collaborations with clubs, he travel trowing parties around the country. He had a group call Mak & Sak featuring Xana. Due to hes succes moguda became a big annual festival.

This Brought him a lots more exposure and Sak starting to be the face of Moguda his own company, he get involves with everything that came out for the parties, trailers,videos, flyers design wedges and he stated his own radio show.


He definitely turns everything into “ One” he feels capable of dominate all creative aspects of the night itself. .His  more recent work it’s a clear example of Sak’s vision he added to the video clip the music and the style ,interpreting and directing himself the popvideo. Now a days he keep on producing many good tracks which will come out very soon..


Contact:f.ehrlich (at)
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